Meet the Artist

You can find her pieces in Ski resorts, vacation homes, country clubs and businesses. She has a gift for taking your picture/logo and transforming them into works of art. Some items on our web site are examples of product that can be made with assistance and may take longer to complete.
Terri resides just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Terri is full of energy and passion. You can find her with her two sweet pups Winston and Truman following right behind her foot steps. These two shop dogs have a special place in the shop to keep them safe from the glass, but close to Terri.
Glass Art takes hours laboring and getting the pieces just right. One wrong move or too much heat can send her back to square one quickly.  She methodically with precision works with cutting the glass, blocking the pieces together and making her magic happen. Her patience and passion is inspiring. It takes years of skill and an eye for perfection to bring her pieces to life. 
When you walk into her workshop you realize quickly the time she has spent perfecting her art. The organization and inventory will sweep you away with all the beauty and color she creates. Every creation starts from a single piece of sheet glass. Her passion and love for her art pours into her collections. Something special about light bouncing and reflecting... brings joy through her scenic stained glass windows, mosaics and home accents. 
 So if you're ready to add a unique piece to your kitchen window or custom order an amazing gift, just visit our contact page to start the conversation.