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Red Lips Glass Art, believes your most important clients, inspiring colleagues, employees, friends, and family deserve memorable gifts and awards. Give them the recognition they deserve– a peerless “ONE OF A KIND”, handmade rare and equally exquisite piece of art, which will create a beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime. Whether you select an item off the page, or have me customize what you want made, most anything is possible. Bring your ideas to the drawing board. Some items on our web site are examples of product that can be made with assistance and may take longer to complete.

- Terri

How to order your custom piece?

Glass art is a very intricate process that takes time, patience and skill. Lead time depends on the intricacy and process of each project.

A custom creation can take  2-4 weeks. 

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Glass Art Mediums

Terri offers several types of custom Glass Art mediums to choose from. Each technique has it's own process and outcome. Ranging from Stain Glass Art, Fused Glass Art and all types of Mosaics. Terri can construct an art piece from most any pictures, company logos or theme.  A custom glass creation is a unique gift for celebrations, wedding, home, and recognizable company/team performance awards.

Stain Glass Art

The term stained glass refers to coloured glass as a material and to art created from it. See our Stained Glass Art Gallery to view different theme ideas. 

Customize a window per your specified dimensions and theme. Terri's work can be found in Country Clubs, Ski Resorts, Office Lobbies, Vacation Homes and more. 

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Mosaic Glass

Moasic Glass Creations are a great way to add interest to a window or wall with a custom creation. Terri can create custom art from any inspiration image you provide. 

A commitment to quality, handset mosaic art means each piece is an original work of art,  turnaround time is about 3-4 weeks.

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Glass Bowls & Vases

Bring Art into your home or give as a gift. A beautiful bowl, elegant vases, glass ware and lamps. 

Terri can work with you to design colors to fit your space. Glass bowls and vases are beautiful conversation pieces for the home.

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Fused Glass Art

During the process of fusing glass, pieces of compatible glass are fired in a kiln to a temperature between 1400 and 1500 degrees until they are red-hot and melt together. The glass is then fired a second time to a slightly lower temperature. Many unexpected and wonderful things happen in each firing that make each piece unique.

Terri can use this method to create art pieces for your home or customized plaques, awards or other performance related pieces.

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Meet the Artist

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